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Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoes

For over 60 years, the Hoy Shoe Company has made the finest in children's summer sandals. These island-inspired designs deliver durable comfort with a unique look that can't be beat. Salt Water Sandals combine comfort and durability along with style to make exceptional shoes for boys and girls.

Hoy's Salt Water Sandals are manufactured using nothing but the finest quality materials. From supple leathers to traditional metal buckles, the quality of these sandals is sure to make parents happy. A large palette of contemporary colors guarantees that Salt Water's conventional designs are always up to date with the current trends.

Over the years, Hoy's Salt Water Sandals have maintained a classic look that won't go out of style. Your child will look great time after time in these traditional designs. Hoy's Salt Water Sandals have stood the test of time and the future will continue to bring more of these fashionable and classic designs.
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